Zilliqa Announces Its Metaverse Plan, Native Token Rises About 120%

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Last updated March 27, 2022

Crypto project Zilliqa is ready to launch its Metaverse project next month under its partnership with Agora.

On March 25, Sandra Helou, Head of Metaverse and NFTs at Zilliqa Sandra Helou announced the Metapolis, a Metaverse project based on Zilliqa, featuring Agora, a creative global marketplace for talent awards.

Sandra said Zilliqa’s collaboration with Agora will be a turning point as it will not be a platform to open a portal to the creativity and imagination in life, but also connect the whole world to its decentralized ecosystem.

“Not only bring creativity to life within the Metaverse, but also open up limitless access for creatives around the world to connect in the digital world.”

Under this partnership of both companies, Web3 will participate in this Metaverse project of Zilliqa. With this announcement, Zilliqa’s native token Zil is gaining massive traction in this crypto industry.

Price promotion

The current price of the Zil coin is $0.112 and this price is 91% high in the last 24 hours.

If we look at the in-depth analysis, we will see that the lowest price of this coin was $0.057 and the highest price at 24 hours was $0.1258, so a total increase of 120% in the value of the token within 24 hours.

According to few crypto experts, this is some kind of manipulation in the price of this coin because the popularity and trend of the Metaverse concepts is already declining day by day. If we look at Google trends, we will see that the search frequency of Metaverse and related terms has decreased over the past 3 months.

Apart from these assumptions, few retail crypto investors believe that it is some kind of positive situation of the crypto industry and take advantage of this situation.

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