You need better makeup storage to clean up that messy bathroom counter


Makeup is transformative for many people — it’s a form of expression, self-care, and a huge business for makeup artists and influencers. They’re even useful for makeup casuals like me — and I only like to wear them once in a while. When I started, I didn’t need a makeup organizer because I didn’t have many products to work with. But when I started buying and testing makeup, I soon had a major organizational problem. That’s when I knew that getting a makeup organizer was the key to getting everything in order. If you’re in the same situation, you probably need a makeup organizer too.

Don’t worry, we have a collection of makeup organizers for your cosmetic collection to suit every budget and style.


This makeup bag is clear and will look great on any makeup desk. It comes in pink, bronze glow, black jewel, glitter, purple, tie-dye and clear. It has seven drawers, four small and three large, making it suitable for both cosmetics and palettes to store. There’s even a separate makeup holder with 16 compartments for products, including lipsticks and brushes.


Being able to twist your makeup and find what you’re looking for is much better than having a static case. Ameitch’s 27-compartment 360-degree makeup organizer has an adjustable height to accommodate not only smaller beauty bottles but also larger bottles such as perfume. It is about 6 inches long and doesn’t take up much space, making it easier and faster to apply makeup.


People who prefer simple designs will appreciate this makeup organizer. The Stori makeup organizer has six clear compartments that can hold makeup brushes, location, lipstick, foundation, and other products. Using an angled design, larger items are arranged in the back, while smaller items can be kept closer to the front for easy access.


The DreamGenius is a great option if you’re looking for a huge, stackable beauty organizer. Designed to withstand knocks or drops, it contains four separate components that can be locked or released. Plus, this organizer comes with a black refill that you can use to line your organizers and protect them from any makeup spills.


It is portable, inexpensive and available in a variety of colors. The Relavel travel case is a durable organizer with removable compartments for all your cosmetics, skin care products and other accessories. Featuring a nylon lining and a waterproof, shockproof and abrasion resistant design, this case will keep your beauty supplies safe wherever you travel.

Stori Audrey’s stackable cosmetics organizer has two drawers and can hold a variety of cosmetics, including makeup palettes, skin care, and other beauty essentials. The material is not only easy to clean and translucent, it is also made of sturdy acrylic that can withstand minor accidents.

Other makeup organizers I liked

Royce New York Executive Leather Toiletry Bag: This is a versatile bag that can be used with a wide variety of outfits thanks to its simple design. To protect both your products and the bag itself, the luxury leather toiletry bag from Royce New York has a leather exterior with velvet interior trim. Two-way zippers make it easy to get to your cosmetics and there are magnetic buttons on the outside that you can undo if you want to add extra make-up on the inside.

Caboodles Beige Lifestyle Train Suitcase: With a full-length mirror and sliding parts, this train trunk from Caboodles is a great way to keep track of all your belongings. And there’s a lock to keep your makeup safe.

How I chose the best containers

We all have different makeup storage requirements. As your makeup collection grows, you may need a bigger cosmetic organizer. We all have different makeup storage requirements. As your makeup collection grows, you may need a bigger cosmetic organizer. So I used my own experience of beauty product organizing, research, and makeup enthusiasm to select these makeup organizers. The following factors influenced my decision:

PriceMaterialReputation Capacity

Makeup Storage FAQ

Do I need a makeup organizer?

If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you already know you need an organizer. But to be sure, consider your current makeup collection and what it could be in the near future. If you tend to store makeup, you’ll want to invest in a makeup organizer.

How do I organize my makeup in a small space?

There are a few things you can do. The first step is to determine which beauty items are most needed and then choose which ones to keep in your organizer while keeping the rest of your makeup elsewhere. In addition, if you have space on your desk or storage space, you can purchase a larger organizer that will allow you to store more items. Finally, consider trying stackable organizers that you can arrange horizontally or vertically as you see fit.

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