You can practice for a job interview with Google AI

It doesn’t matter to read general guides or practice with friends – Google is betting that algorithms can prepare you for a job interview. The company has launched an Interview Warmup tool that uses AI to prepare you for interviews in various roles. The site asks typical questions (like the classic “tell me about yourself”) and analyzes your voiced or typed responses for areas for improvement. For example, you know when you use certain words too much, or when you need more time to talk about a certain topic.

Interview Warmup is for Google Career Certificates users hoping to find work, and most of the role-specific questions reflect this. However, there are common interview questions and Google plans to expand the tool to help more candidates. The feature is currently only available in the US.

AI is increasingly being used in recruitment. To date, however, it has mainly served companies during their selection process, not the potential new hires. This won’t level the playing field, but it may help you brush up on your interviewing skills.

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