Xbox Game Pass could bring money-saving family subscription India News, The Indian Express


Sharing an Xbox Game Pass membership is a nightmare, so more often than not friends or family pay for their own Game Pass account. But dropping $10 to $15 a month for each household member stinks, which is why Microsoft may launch a money-saving Game Pass family subscription.

As reported by Windows Central, the Xbox Game Pass family plan would allow five people in the same country to share the same Game Pass membership. A single person manages the family plan, similar to how things work on Netflix or the Nintendo Switch Online family pack.

Other details behind the family plan, including pricing, are unknown. We’re also not sure if the family plan offers Game Pass Ultimate benefits or if it’s a console or PC exclusive.

There is also a matter of royalties. If game developers think the family subscription isn’t profitable, they may lose faith in the Game Pass subscription model. We’re not sure how Microsoft will solve such a problem – perhaps it already had a plan ready and was just waiting for Sony to announce its new version of a game-by-subscription service.

Again, we’re not sure how much the Xbox Game Pass family plan would cost. We’re also not sure if it’s real, though Windows Central cites sources and claims the family plan will launch later this year.

Source: Windows Central

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