World of Solana hacker gets scammed in community sting

world solana scam

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The World of Solana (WoS) Twitter account reported details of a community sting operation that led to a hacker being scammed.

What is particularly satisfying in this case is how the hacker was scammed.

How was the hacker scammed?

The story started after a hack from Unchained NFT’s Discord channel on Monday.

Unchained NFT is a cross-chain gaming development studio that aims to β€œdevelop back-end compatibility between the NFT projects and chains we represent.”

β€œThe ultimate goal of Unchained NFT is to build a melting pot of crypto culture and chains where communities from every chain can come together and thrive. It’s a revolutionary game and metaverse journey.”

the hacker emptied the wallets of 109 users, resulting in a total loss of 150 SOL ($6,700) and the theft of 25 WoS NFTs. Within those WOS lost NFTs were several of the top 100.

In response, community members @QuantMaven† @AngelaTNFTand @cryptosiletogether with dev @CyberFrogsNFTcame up with a plan to get the NFTs back.

To lure the hacker into hiding, the team “set up royalties” 98%” while asking the community to keep an eye on Solana’s premier NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

Royalties refer to a percentage reduction in the selling price each time the NFT is sold on a marketplace. The standard royalty on WoS NFTs is 5%.

Two days after the hacker set the trap, the hacker noted the stolen NFTs on Magic Eden, resulting in 15 being bought by the community and the rest “taken” by a “sniper”.

The message sent to the “sniper” ended in the return of the stolen NFTs to their rightful owners. The last tweet signed by praising the community’s actions in removing the sting, and for a second time.

†This is the second time our community has reinstated scammed NFTs.

Our community is small, but together we are very strong!”

What is Solana’s world?

The WoS is a collection of 2,222 unique Solana blockchain heroines fighting for freedom in a fictional war between rival blockchains and the government.

β€œA war is taking place between rival blockchains and the government. Only through unity can the blockchains defeat their common enemy.”

Each is based on a combination of 18 different traits including background, aura, hairstyle, body, etc. The most expensive WoS NFT is #1874, listed at 123 SOL ($5,600).

Source: WoS #1874 on

The collection has a current floor price of 2.03 SOL ($92), representing a 41% drop from the maximum floor price of 3.46, reached on April 12.

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