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Nakamoto Games recently released NAKAR, a high stakes racing game. As the newest title to launch on the Nakamoto Games platform to earn, NAKAR joins Duck Hunter, NAKA Galactic and NAKA Strike as one of the biggest releases to hit the platform in recent months.

The Nakamoto Platform went live in December 2021, building a powerful game-to-earn ecosystem for gaming and game development. The ecosystem is designed to make it easier for indie game developers to gain a foothold in the competitive game industry.

Thanks to fast, secure and robust tools and dev stacks – not to mention the expertise, guidance and marketing solutions from the core team at Nakamoto Games – it is now easier than ever for developers to design, build and launch highly entertaining and interactive gaming experiences for a large and growing user audience.

As such, Nakamoto Games hopes to shape the future of earning gaming and is already leveling the playing field by democratizing access to developers, tools and solutions.

Nakamoto Games CEO Tor said of the release: “We are excited about NAKAR and excited about our team’s ability to deliver action-packed titles as fast as clockwork. We want to thank our community, developers, partners and our gamers for helping us make Nakamoto Games such a success and we are grateful to be able to play such an important role in building a safe, fast, fun and inclusive future for gamers around the world.”

All Nakamoto games are powered by the cryptographic $NAKA token which can be used to purchase in-game items such as skins and ammunition, as well as access various services and features such as lucky draws and plots of land and resources in the NAKAVERSE – the Metaverse from the Nakamoto Games platform. $NAKA can be traded for fiat on the KuCoin, MEXC and Bitmart exchanges. It also has a built-in deflationary mechanism to incentivize players and developers to hold on.

In addition to the release of NAKAR, Nakamoto Games has been busy on many other fronts. This includes entering into a partnership with International University of Bangkok in Thailand and building new features for gamers and token holders. These new features include an in-game player lobby chat feature, $NAKA token strike, a gaming referral system, the launch of the NAKAVERSE marketplace, and the continued development of new and upcoming titles such as Escape.

Built on the Polygon network, Nakamoto Games provides a fast, secure and responsive environment for players and developers to enjoy playing and building new games with high throughput and low-cost processing. Learn more about the platform and upcoming releases and developments by visiting the links below.

About Nakamoto games

Nakamoto Games is building the premier play-to-earn ecosystem that gives anyone with an internet connection the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and generate a sustainable source of income by playing fun, interactive and highly engaging blockchain-based games.

Players benefit by earning for playing games they enjoy, and developers can use platform services and resources to launch, market, grow, and monetize their play-to-earn games. and existing target groups. Learn more by reading or visiting the project lite paper


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