Will the Memecoins Make a Comeback in 2022? DOGE, SHIB Holds Down While FLOKI Stumbles Hard!


Dogecoin (DOGE)

The Dogecoin price has not undergone any major changes in a very long time and hence the volume and volatility has dropped a lot. The descending triangle just extends every new day with no significant changes. And hence the DOGE price becomes more divisible and gets lower and lower every day.

DOGE price has been trying to recover very recently and has struggled very hard ever since to maintain a significant uptrend. Unfortunately, the attempt seems in vain as the price is currently experiencing a slight drop. With the decreased volatility, the strength of the rally has also decreased drastically and therefore there will be no particular trend change for the foreseeable future.

Shiba INU (SHIB)

The Shiba INU price is constantly registering gigantic moves, as each track is rewarded with a strong rejection. Moreover, after the rejections, resistance levels are also falling which is not a good factor for an uptrend. However, battling with the odds, the price has now reached the decisive stage where a small wrong move can bring the price closer to $0.000022.

As noted in the chart, SHIB price has drastically squeezed its rally as the size of the descending triangle has also drastically decreased. The asset undoubtedly broke out of the bearish triangle but remains aloof from flowing within an uptrend. And so almost stopped and ran parallel to the lower support. Therefore, with such reduced volume and volatility, the memecoin may stop running.


The FLOKI price appears to be in serious trouble as the asset has been fluctuating below the support levels since early 2022. The asset failed to gain massive bullish momentum and therefore remained within the danger zone. Volume has largely been reduced, which has largely reduced price fluctuations. And thus forcing the price to remain within a very narrow range.

FLOKI price after sparking a steep decline after breaking its highs close to $0.0000400. The drop has dragged the price below the support levels. In addition, the slash in trading volume prevents the price from making a strong comeback. And that’s why it seems that the traders have completely abandoned this asset. However, there is still some hope with the price of Shiba (SHIB) while the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) still remains skeptical.

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