Why OpenMeta is standing out and making a difference in the NFT market

Why OpenMeta Stands out and is making a difference in the NFT market


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The NFT ecosystem has experienced phenomenal growth. According to the NFT statistics website NFTGO, the total market value of NFTs has grown to $16 billion, while the daily transaction volume is currently low at $100 million. This growth is mainly due to the influx of external funds, brands and the continued expansion of NFT application scenarios which will undoubtedly further enhance the growth of the ecosystem.

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT marketplace, accounting for nearly 90% of the total transaction volume. The daily transaction volume has been close to $100 million in the past three months. While other marketplaces such as SOS, LooksRare and X2Y2 have used many strategies to drive growth that will help them compete with OpenSea, this has not been very effective.

OpenMeta is a project incubated by MDEX Foundation. Unlike the other marketplaces, it uses market sentiment to get a lot of attention in a short period of time. The BSC based marketplace provides NFT trading services to its users at very low trading fees. It also has a “0 Gas Mint” feature for creators, further reducing the cost of NFT trades.

The work of the creators is only displayed as photo or audio files prior to saving. Only when a trade is reached can the file be minted as an NFT. This also helps to reduce the cost of mining NFTs on OpenMeta.

Users of this marketplace can make informed decisions about investments in NFTs. Using OpenMeta’s data visualization, users can make scientific investment decisions. Information such as total supply, sales figures help users assess selling pressure on an NFT and community cohesion, while information such as floor price and revenue help users determine the market popularity of an NFT. More useful tools like NFT Price Curve and NFT Attribute Display will be added in 2022.


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NFT Primary

OpenMeta helps users screen NFT through the NFT Primary platform. This is the first selling platform where high quality NFTs and mystery boxes are made available and users can be early buyers of such NFTs to maximize future value appreciation. This gives users protection against unreliable projects. Aside from that, OpenMeta users enjoy higher returns thanks to the NFT staking feature that converts NFTs into interest-bearing assets.

So far, NFT Primary has launched 5 NFT mystery box sales for 3 projects including Meta-Elephant NFT, TAP FANTASY METAVERSE and Wonderful Day, all of which sold out in minutes with sales volume all exceeding USD 20,000.

MDEX has released NFT mystery boxes on OpenMeta that have become hard to come by, just like other mystery boxes released on the market. Through the NFT Primary screening, OpenMeta brings targeted, loyal and experienced cryptocurrency users to NFT projects, and NFT Projects brings high-value projects to OpenMeta, with the active participation of the OpenMeta team.

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