Valve ramps up Steam Deck shipments, first set of Q2 reservations reported

After a tumultuous wait, Valve is sending shipping notifications for Q2 reservations from its highly anticipated Steam Deck.

Announced via Twitter, Valve has confirmed that the first set of order emails have been sent to those lucky enough to get a Q2 reservation. Valve first unveiled the portable PC handheld in July of last year. Initially, shipments were supposed to start in December, but were delayed. Supply chain issues delayed shipments to February, with many later pushed to the second quarter of 2022.

However, it’s finally here and Valve delivers on its promise. As of today, the company will be carrying out Steam Deck shipments. Each week, Valve says it sends out more emails about order availability. However, in some weeks, two waves may be broadcast.

In addition to the tweet, Valve has updated its Steam Deck product page. Now anyone who wants to pre-order a Steam Deck for $5.70 will be notified of its expected availability. For example, it currently states that new orders are expected to be fulfilled “after the third quarter” and as early as October 2022.

The Steam Deck is highly sought after not only for its specs, but also for its features and portability. In addition to accessing your Steam library, Windows is now supported by the handheld and Microsoft has added support for Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming.

Anecdotally speaking, I received an email notifying me to complete my order. After shipment, the recipient must confirm their order within 72 hours. If the order isn’t completed by then, Valve will automatically cancel it and move on to the next in line.

Stay tuned for MobileSyrup as our very own Patrick O’Rourke will be posting a review of the handheld on the site in the coming weeks.

Source: @On Deck Via: IGN

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