Unpacking Pax.world: The Metaverse Project Designed To Enhance Virtual Experiences


Last updated March 24, 2022

We live in a time where the Metaverse is quickly becoming a household topic. Today we have a lot of these projects competing for market share, and they all claim to be the best. But for all the good they can bring, most have several flaws. For starters, they are inaccessible to many. That’s because they charge high entry fees and require you to have high-end devices. So they were mostly a domain of the crypto realms.

In addition, the platforms lack communication tools that make user interactions dependent on clunky gameplay mechanics. Furthermore, their avatars are unrealistic, limiting your options for real-life personalization. But this is all going to change with the arrival of pax.world. So what is it? What makes it unique from other similar products?

Understanding Pax.world

Pax.world is a meta-universe that allows interested parties to create and interact within a virtual island. Within pax.world, users can build communities of different cultures, such as sports and fashion. The platform is different from most metaverse projects because it already has a functional 3D world that launched in February 2021. Pax.world also just won the best metaverse award at the AIBC Summit in Dubai, beating Decentraland and The Sandbox.

One can explore beautiful digital landscapes, meet new friends and participate in virtual events on the platform. It also enables transitions between devices and 3D spaces, paving the way for entirely new realities.

As a member of pax.world you are part of a community of creators pushing the boundaries of social interaction. They do this using immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The core values ​​of the platform are collaboration and community. Thus, it supports users interacting with each other in creative ways.

How does pax.world differ from the other Metaverses?

A fully immersive user experience

The project emphasizes gamification, which it sees as crucial for user acquisition and engagement. That’s why pax.world offers you:

Custom 3D spatial audio and video plus a text chat engine Avatar branded merchandise and designer items Custom 3D asset loaders and virtual land

Digital economy

Pax.world is a digital economy. The native token PAXW powers the ecosystem and supports monetization and value transfer at the macro and micro levels. You can use PAXW to:

Trade in-game assets – including skins, buildings and other assets Real estate trading – you can trade or lease virtual lands, locations and even ad spots.

Virtual presence and services support

Pax.world’s comprehensive approach covers the needs of both consumers and businesses. To that end, it supports individuals and companies in creating virtual presences for their services. You can use that feature to provide various commercial services, including:

Art gallery displays — presenting and selling high-quality NFTs Education centers — provide students with immersive learning experiences Gaming services — provide gamers with gaming centers for all experience levels Venues and arenas — host various events virtually Advertising — provide virtual billboards to those in need Hosting businesses — create virtual headquarters and customer support centers

What makes the metaverse of pax.world unique?

The core of this Metaverse is Land, a collection of 28K virtual plots. The community owns this land in the form of NFTs. Owning a plot of land gives you several advantages.

First, you can create your subversa. You can create your unique world, community and economy. You can also rent out your land for income and have exclusive access to NFTs through airdrops. Finally, you can create your content and monetize it, boosting your income.

Thoughts of the author

Pax.world is an excellent opportunity for content developers to get involved in a project that allows them to focus on their strengths. The project will attract designers, makers and buyers alike. The safe and familiar environment is attractive to buyers and offers a wide range of content.

It also appeals to creators enticed by opportunities to build marketplaces, social hubs, and even games to their liking. Furthermore, the project is also attractive to developers as it allows them to create custom metaverse experiences that they can integrate into the pax.world. It’s not often that you can do so many things at once with a project!

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