Twitch launches revamped reporting tool to better respond to ‘hate attacks’

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Twitch’s “more intuitive” reporting tool allows users to state the specific reason they flag content.


Twitch is updating its reporting tool to make it easier for members to flag behavior that violates the platform’s standards. Launching next week, the feature’s “simpler, more intuitive design” will allow users to name the specific reason they flag content and include menus based on whether you’re reporting a VOD, clip, or live content.

The revamped feature will first appear on Twitch’s web client, the Amazon company said in a blog post on Wednesday, and later on the mobile app.

It could take several months to roll out to all Twitch users, the post added, as the company said it’s taking “a thoughtful approach to make sure it’s all running safely and smoothly for our global community.”

A preview of Twitch’s new reporting tool.


Twitch today also launched a new appeal portal, which provides greater transparency about violations and the status and outcome of any appeals.

In 2021, Twitch was criticized for its inaction against an epidemic of “hate raids,” in which users unleash bots to harass a streamer. Company eventually filed lawsuits against two individuals accused of conducting raids.

Earlier this month, Twitch announced that it was ban streamers who repeatedly spread misinformation.

“We do not believe that individuals who use online services to spread false, harmful information have a place in our community,” the company said in a press release.

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has given major tech companies until May 2 to hand over data on the frequency and sources of COVID-19 misinformation on their platforms.

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