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When people speak or sing into a microphone, it is never certain that those on the receiving end of the audio will be able to understand what is being said. If it is a video call, both parties speak the same language and there is mutual understanding. However, when you watch a video, sometimes the audio is in a different language or the dialect is slightly different. Things can get a bit mixed up and the original meaning may not come across clearly. In such cases, subtitles – or “subtitles” – are very useful. Let’s see how to enable or disable subtitles on YouTube.

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To enable or disable subtitles on YouTube, move your mouse cursor over the playback area to reveal the video controls. Click the CC button to enable or disable subtitles.


What are subtitles on YouTube?

When you watch something on YouTube, you can enable closed captioning to get a real-time text-based transcription of the video that appears somewhere in the video itself.

Closed captions, in their simplest form, are closed captions. These can be generated automatically or creators can adjust the subtitles of an entire video in YouTube Studio.

Closed captions can also contain descriptions of what is happening on the screen. For example, if there is a loud explosion, it can be mentioned in the subtitles. It depends on how the creator has implemented captioning on that particular video.

Turn subtitles on or off on YouTube

Android & iOS

Start playing your video in the YouTube mobile app for Android or iOS. Tap the video play area once to bring up the video controls.

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Tap the CC button in the top right corner to enable or disable closed captioning.


Start playing a YouTube video and hover your mouse over the primary playback area. This will make the video controls appear on top of the video.

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Locate the CC button in the play tray opposite the media buttons. Click this button to enable or disable subtitles.

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When you enable captioning, the transcription appears on top of the video in real time. You can click and drag these subtitles anywhere in the video.

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Do all YouTube videos have subtitles?

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No, not all videos on YouTube have subtitles. Some videos on YouTube have subtitles or closed captioning disabled by Google or the creators themselves.


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