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Top African Golfers To Compete For BTC Prizes On Sunshine Tour social

The best African and European golfers in the world will see huge rewards in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) at the end of the 2022 season. The most popular golf event in South Africa, and indeed the continent in general, has signed a new sponsorship deal with the cryptocurrency platform ‘Luno’.

Already a prominent player in the African market, the crypto platform has set a prize for the season winner worth 500,000 rand in Bitcoin (BTC). That’s $31,355 in USD. In addition, the silver and bronze medalists will also enjoy rewards worth 200,000 and 300,000 rand respectively.

Each participant in the Sunshine Tour will even receive a small reward worth 1,000 rand, which is about $62.5 USD, for discovering blockchain technology. The money is stored in the Luno app.

Frequent collaboration between the sports and crypto world

Crypto app Luno has already sparked some interest among sports fans. In 2021, the crypto company aired a commercial featuring Rassie Erasmus, the coach of the South African rugby team, and Champions of the Rugby World Cup. The reception was mostly positive, as Luno placed a lot of emphasis on education. For example, their built-in learning portal taught people how to buy and use BTC for the first time, with the help of Mr. Erasmus.

Partnerships between cryptocurrencies and sports are becoming more common by the day, and BTC adoption is growing in many of the major European football leagues, popular UFC tournaments and especially the NBA. For example, in early 2022, the legendary ‘Staples Center’ in Los Angeles was renamed the ‘ Arena’.

As wisely said by Marius Reitz, the general manager of Luno Africa: “Golfers think differently and have their own way of looking at risk and reward – with every shot they play, they have to take calculated risks. It is the same with crypto.” It looks like this kind of like-mindedness is going to pay off, and we’re definitely going to see more collaboration between major sports and crypto companies in the near future.

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