Tiny Pinball is as cute as Pi

mini pinball large

Pinball machines are large, complex and heavy boxes full of joy and delight. However, if you don’t have the money or space for it, you’ll need to make your own mini Raspberry Pi powered one.

With access to a local makerspace and some extra free time, [Chris Dalke] had plans to capture the flavor of a full-scale pinball machine in a small package. Laser-cut Baltic birch forms the housing and a screen forms the playing field instead of a physical ball. An Arduino Uno handles the three buttons, the four LED arrays, and a haptic feedback solenoid, communicating

with the Pi over serial. Unfortunately, even with a relatively decent

volume inside, it is still tight pressure.

Instead of using a ready-made pinball game, [Chris] wrote his own in C using raylib and raygui, two useful libraries that can be quickly incorporated into the project. SQLLite3 writes high scores to disk. All in all, an inspiring project of a very high standard.

If you’re looking for a small pinball machine but want more of the classic pinball feel, why not check out this scale pinball machine?

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