This app can steal your passwords and delete them immediately

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Password-stealing malware was discovered in an app that was available in the Google Play Store until recently. The app in question is called ‘Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools’ and it comes with malware called ‘Facestealer’, which can steal your passwords.

This app can steal your passwords and had over 100,000 downloads before it was removed

This app had over 100,000 downloads by the time it was removed. So quite a few people installed it before it was removed. The purpose of this app is to collect data from smartphone users’ Facebook accounts.

The malware was discovered by ‘Pradeo’ (via ZDNet), a French mobile security company. This malware is classified as an Android Trojan. It essentially deceives users into typing all their login credentials into a third-party website.

Once you do that, the information is sent to a server registered in Russia. Needless to say, once you share your Facebook information, the attacker can gain access to your credit card information, search information, and more.

Pradeo notes that this app contained a code that allowed it to slip past the defenses of the Google Play Store. This app has actually been available on the Google Play Store for over seven years.

The comments clearly indicated that something is wrong

If you’ve at least looked at the comments and rating of this app, chances are you haven’t installed it. The comments ranged from “totally fake” to “totally untrustworthy”. Some reviewers also pointed to the presence of malware.

It’s worth saying that this app can still be installed on your phone, despite the fact that Google removed it from the Play Store, of course. So if you happen to have this application installed, we strongly recommend that you uninstall it as soon as possible.

Be very careful when you install apps, and even more careful when you give them permission. In addition, extra caution should be taken if an app asks you to share your credentials. If an app sends you to a third-party site and asks you to enter your Facebook credentials, don’t do it. The same goes for other services.

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