These direct “PartnerSHIBs” will help the SHIB army burn more tokens: details


Yuri Molchan

Three companies partner with NOWpayments to start using the SHIB brand portal when it’s ready


NOWpayments partners with SHIB-burning companies20.5 million SHIB burned within 24 hours

Twitter user @shibainuart shared a list of direct “partner hibs” that will help the SHIB military burn tokens through NOWpayments’ recently announced SHIB merchant burn portal, which is now going through trials.

NOWpayments partners with SHIB burning companies

This list includes Italian hamburger chain Welly’s that has been renamed and made SHIB its mascot, fashion clothing brand John Richmond and Sorbillo’s. Shiba Inu Games is not currently participating in this partnership.

@shibainuart stated that they are partnering with the NOWPayments platform which recently integrated a branding feature that allows merchants to send SHIB and Doge Killer (LEASH) to dead end wallets. The above companies will allow a certain percentage of SHIB profits from their sales to be burned.

According to the tweet, the fire portal is now being tested.

20.5 million SHIB burned within 24 hours

Recently, the @shibburn tracker shared on its Twitter page that 16,540,141 Shiba Inu coins had been moved to dead addresses in the past 24 hours.

A few hours later, another 4,000,000 SHIB were burned in an attempt to reduce the circulating supply and make the token more scarce. This theory could lead to a huge price increase for SHIB, the community believes.

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