The Lightning port of this Android smartphone

android lightning port

Robotics student, Ken Pillonel, brought USB-C to Apple’s iPhone X, turned around and sold it for $86,000 USD (about $107,706 CAD).

Now Pillonel has brought Apple’s Lightning port to Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A51 smartphone. Why? I’m not entirely sure. As first reported by Engadget, Pillonel recently published a short video showing his project.

In the video, he disconnects a Lightning cable from an iPhone and plugs it directly into his custom Galaxy A51. Miraculously, the device is even capable of a data connection.

While it’s an obvious attempt to sell another smartphone for a ton of money, it’s still a feat of engineering. It’s unclear how Pillonel did this, but it’s also worth noting that the video was published on April 1, April’s Day of the Fools.

That said, Pillonel’s Galaxy A52 Lightning port project looks very real and there are plans to release a “full video” about the project soon.

Image Credit: YouTube [Exploring the Simulation (Kenny Pi)]

Source: YouTube [Exploring the Simulation (Kenny Pi)] Via: Engadget

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