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Sonos is known for its high-end soundbars and speakers, but something bigger could be next. We hear the company wants to move from streaming audio to streaming video and live TV with an all-new Sonos experience.

According to Protocol, Sonos is looking for multiple people to work on its “home theater OS project.” As if there weren’t enough streaming platforms already, it sounds like Sonos wants to be the next TV streaming service we all subscribe to.

The report states that Sonos has been looking at several approaches to break into the lucrative TV streaming market, and this could be the first sign of things to come. And while our initial thought was that Sonos could be gearing up to offer its popular S2 app for controlling speakers directly on TVs, the job listings suggest much more than that.

Sonos isn’t just looking for people to work on audio products. A slew of new job openings suggests the company is looking to hire an executive with streaming media experience and someone to manage streaming partnerships.

In addition, there is a listing for a user experience lead, “designing UX for consumer-facing products on mobile (both iOS and Android) and/or TV that shipped successfully.” This job posting states that the job involves working “on different device surfaces (mobile, television, tablet, and HW remote) to deliver a next-generation content delivery experience,” similar to Android TV.

In addition, Sonos’ Chief Innovation Officer, Nick Millington, has a listing on LinkedIn that says he’s working on “a new home theater project.” He wants help from anyone who has experience streaming media such as ‘audio, video, games, sports, music, news, movies, TV, news, podcasts’.

Looking at all those new job options at Sonos, it’s pretty clear that the company’s new “home theater project” could be an operating system that would run on a smart speaker or streaming device similar to Roku OS. That way, one media box controls your entire entertainment experience, including the content and audio. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see.

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