SOL price poised to hit $246 during the middle of the second quarter of 2022! Is it a good time to buy Solana?

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It is speculated that Solana’s price has been more or less stagnant for quite some time, as the asset had pushed out the volatility. Despite its waned popularity, the asset managed to come out of a tight consolidation. In addition, the asset shows a huge potential to move to the top target of over $100.

The asset peaked in the fourth quarter of 2021 and was above $250. Furthermore, it quickly lost profits and went hard, unleashing a strong parabolic move. The SOL price is currently consolidating at the start of the consolidation in the range of $88 to $122. Despite the price break above $100, the strong uptrend cannot be validated. Since buying assets between $88 and $100 is very risky right now. However, the possibility of the asset going parabolic to hit $150 is emerging.

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Solana’s price is currently gaining massive bullish momentum as the price is all set to break through the uptrend line. The price is currently testing the crucial trendline and a successful break through this line could trigger a significant uptrend. The SOL price rally could lead to an upward trend towards USD 150, as predicted by a popular analyst. And that’s why the analyst believes that this might just be the best time to enter Solana.

However, the growing Solana ecosystem could pave the way for the SOL price to soar high and secure safe positions. According to to some reports Solana is partnering with PUBG published Krafton to develop future game projects and also co-invest in the NFT space. And with the positive development within the ecosystem, the price of Solana can be most affected.

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