Snoop and Wiz Launch Exclusive ApeCoin NFT Collection

Snoop and Wiz Launch Exclusive ApeCoin NFT Collection

The two crypto-friendly rap stars launched their NFT collection after the release of ApeCoin.

On March 24, Snoop Dogg posted an announcement on social media that he and Wiz Khalifa have launched a “special project $APE COIN only” NFT collection, meaning the digital assets will only be sold to holders of the APE token.

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By looking at the official website, each NFT has a limited number of copies ranging from 410 to 990 assets. Fans can get one of these NFTs for 12-15 $APE coins (~158 to $198).

In fact, the NFTs are linked to exclusive tracks from the two artists that are based on the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. However, it is not specified whether the songs will carry streaming royalties.

Sales for the SnoopAndWiz collection will end approximately 17 hours after this article is published.

While most rappers choose to ride the BAYC wave, other artists decided to build their own NFT projects. In January, New York rap legend Nas launched his music-based NFT collection with a percentage of streaming royalties to the owners.

ApeCoin has been on a fairly stable trajectory since its release, dropping 3.58% in the last 24 hours, averaging $13.29 per token.

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