Shanghai residents turn to NFT to document ‘indelible’ COVID memorabilia


Shanghai is the largest and most populous city in China (with more than 25 million inhabitants) that has now harnessed the power of blockchain technology to preserve and protect the events of the COVID-19 lockdown in the city.

Numerous videos, photos and audio are now stored as non-replaceable tokens that can now be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces using cryptocurrencies; avoid censorship.

Shanghai residents are using NFTs as a way to express their dismay at China’s zero-tolerance COVID policy, knowing that NFTs run on blockchain technology and therefore cannot be deleted.

A growing number of Shanghai residents are taking to the streets to protest China’s zero-tolerance policy towards COVID. Credit: Coda Story

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Simon Fong on his propaganda NFT art collection

One of the NFT designers is a 49-year-old freelance graphic designer, Simon Fong. He has lived in Shanghai for over nine years. He started by creating graphic designs illustrating the life of the people of Shanghai while incarcerated and took some cues from the Mao ear posters nearby.

Fong has chosen the style of Mao era propaganda with scenes depicting the events taking place during the zero-tolerance COVID lockdowns.

The photos show PCR testing processes and also the hunger experienced by residents who now demand food rations from the government.

It appears that these rampant COVID lockdowns are only taking the country further back. The Propaganda collection posters created in April can now be purchased from OpenSea, an NFT marketplace.

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Each NFT artwork by Fong represents stories inspired by real life events and sprinkled with light humor.

Fong was recently interviewed by Yahoo News and said his favorite piece in the Propaganda art collection is the one titled ‘Stay Negative’.

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Most people on a normal day would tell you to always think positive and stay positive. However, it seems that with the current COVID situation, the only way to beat the disease and stay alive is to stay negative.

Fong has now sold over 10 NFT items, each averaging $287 or 0.1 ETH.

‘The Voice of April’ Now an NFT

Amid the COVID lockdowns in Shanghai, “The Voice of April” was launched on YouTube, featuring heartbreaking video footage of people crying and screaming from their homes in light of the COVID lockdowns.

However, the video was banned for unknown reasons, even if it contained factual or factual events. For starters, there was no mention of a person or government official who allegedly caused the removal or censorship. It wasn’t even against any law.

That particular video has now been punched and converted into an NFT and is available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. That way, that memory will be preserved forever.

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