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Scratchpad started life as an easy way to add information to Salesforce by acting as a layer that sits on top of the popular CRM application, but the founders of the startup knew it had to be more than a sales tool, and today it announced a new capability to make Scratchpad a central workspace for salespeople by using intelligence to bring out the most likely prospects to close deals.

Company co-founder and CEO Pouyan Salehi says the company spends a lot of time looking at salespeople and how they operate. That’s how they came up with the idea of ​​simplifying the way they enter data about a deal within Salesforce, but as they evolved, they wanted to find a way to mute some of the notification noise they experience on a daily basis.

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“They’re just bombarded with notifications, these alerts, and they cause distractions or interruptions in their flow. It causes a lot of work,” Salehi explained. He said the startup began exploring how to cut through that noise and bring out the information that matters most to sellers, usually those deals they can close the fastest. Where does it make sense to put in the most effort and what do I need to do next to make it happen?

“We came up with this concept of the first inbox for sales. So it is a container that contains all your important notifications and alerts. And the big differentiator is that it not only gives them those notifications, but it also gives them a very quick and easy way to take action on them,” he said.

The notifications a seller sees are customizable. The customer can build them in a simple workflow engine called the Scratchpad Notifications Builder, and Salehi sees this as the first step in helping sales teams build workflows that make sense for how they work.

The company announced a $33 million Series B in January, and this announcement is at least partly about putting that money to work expanding the product’s capabilities to give it more of a platform feel.

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