Samsung C&T & PlayDapp Create Metaverse Theme Park Resort

samsung ct resort and playdapp announces everland metaverse theme park.o

The tech giant has entered into a strategic partnership with a blockchain gaming platform to launch a virtual world based on a real-life theme park.

Based on PlayDapp’s official report, blockchain startup will help Samsung’s C&T Resort Division build a virtual representation of the company’s theme park Everland.

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Through the partnership, PlayDapp will deploy its NFT services on the upcoming metaverse theme park, with the first phases of the project kicking off sometime this year. The Everland metaverse will reportedly feature several attractions from the actual theme park, including the famous “T-Express” roller coaster.

“…we plan to expand the metaverse ecosystem to include Caribbean Bay and golf courses. Expand new customer experiences by further accelerating digital transformation using park infrastructure such as Tulip Art NFT and Robot Cafes to expand into new customer experiences.” – Samsung C&T Resort Group.

Similarly, Sang Chung, the Business Manager at PlayDapp, spoke about the partnership with Samsung C&T and described the Everland Metaverse as a virtual world where players can earn NFTs and redeemable items simply by playing and participating in the metaverse.

This isn’t the first time a metaverse theme park has been mentioned. In 2020, Disney patented a technology called virtual world simulator, which was accepted in December 2021.

Likewise, Samsung has dabbled in NFTs and the metaverse before. In January, Samsung launched a virtual store in Decentraland that represents the company’s actual store in New York.

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