Reminder: Netflix’s Canadian Prices Have Increased

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Netflix announced in January that it would increase the price of its HD and 4K subscriptions. Well, the day has come.

Depending on your billing cycle, you’ve likely received an email from Netflix stating that your subscription will increase the next time you’re billed. While some have already paid the increased price, including new subscribers, the subscription rate change should now be in effect for everyone.

While the ‘Basic’ 480p plan costs the same at $9.99, the HD and 4K plans have increased from $15 and $19 to $16.49 and $20.99 respectively.

It appears that Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing costs in two-year cycles. It increased subscription prices in 2018, then in 2020, and now in 2022.

If you are in doubt about paying the extra price, or are considering canceling or changing your subscription, read below:

Cancel or change your subscription

Changing your subscription is hassle-free. Just go to the Netflix app on any compatible device. I’m using the web app for this tutorial. Tap the ‘Profile’ icon in the top right corner and select ‘Account’, as shown in the screenshot below:

Go to ‘Unsubscribe’ (marked with red arrow 1) or ‘Change subscription’ (marked with red arrow 2), depending on what you want to do.

You will then be taken to a confirmation page to confirm your decision. If you cancel, your profiles, favorites, viewing preferences and account information will remain in Netflix’s database for 10 months, and if you rejoin the streaming service within that time, you can technically retrieve your account.

In other Netflix-related news, the company recently announced plans to test a paywall for sharing passwords with anyone outside a user’s household. Read more about it here.

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