PUBG goes metaverse with Solana!

Krafton the parent company of the widely successful PUBG game

PUBG has partnered with Solana. Plans to enter the Metaverse industry with its own platform. Will fully increase both Metaverse and NFTs parallel to the PUBG theme.

Tencent’s Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) could be considered the epic game of the century. With millions and millions of players and users, PUBG is at the top of the gaming industry. Although many countries have banned PUBG because the addiction is like everything else, the game continues to thrive like everything else.

Likewise, attempting to take the next step into the future, PUBG, hailing from the stables of Tencent gaming firm, has partnered with a premium blockchain platform, the Solana (SOL). Despite this, the partnership is expected to evolve into many different features of the blockchain ecosystem.

It is clear that since the news officially came out, the hypes are immediately ramping up. Indeed, one of the most feature-rich games that interacts with abundantly efficient blockchain platform will bring millions of smiley faces.

True to the fact, the idea behind Tencent to partner with Solana (SOL) is crystal clear. The only way PUBG can rule the game industry is by adopting the following technology interfaces. PUBG is one of the most futuristic interactive games ever built as it incorporates real world audio and conversation into the digital world.

Moreover, PUBG can even be considered one of the most ancestral images of the Metaverse system. Despite all this, the new partnership with Solana will just be a nitro punch to both. PUBG will settle in almost every possible attribute of the blockchain ecosystem in line with gaming.

This includes the Non Fungible Token (NFT), Blockchain Gaming, Metaverse and many more. Fans are already eagerly anticipating the arrival of all these people. Indeed, a game played entirely on Metaverse will be the biggest change for the gaming industry ever.

Moreover, this should be a win-win situation for both PUBG and Solana as the price of Solana will keep getting higher and higher. Currently (SOL) is trading at the price of $94.70 with the charts rising 2% considering the past 24 hours.

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