Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner review

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Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum review: Powerful, but a little inconvenient

Recommended retail price $259.00

“The Proscenic P11 delivers in terms of power and performance, even though there were a few design elements that we struggled to adapt to.”


Powerful and efficient Lots of attachments Decent battery life Good filtration


Battery must be removed to charge Power button gets in the way of handle A bit on the expensive side

As the world of vacuum cleaners continues to expand, we are being treated to more and more options for controlling exactly how we want to tackle dust, dirt and other particles in our homes.

While traditional upright vacuums are still popular, many households are turning to robotic vacuums for their cleaning needs – or at least as a supplemental cleaner when the upright vacuum becomes too heavy to carry around.

Fortunately, there is a nice middle ground in the form of cordless stick vacuums. Available from many of today’s top vacuum cleaner brands, these devices use rechargeable batteries to power the vacuum cleaner instead of power cords. Often lightweight but powerful, these models come with a wide range of attachments, as well as the option of using the vacuum cleaner in the traditional upright position or for handheld applications.

We spent several weeks testing a model from Proscenic, an innovative overseas company that produces vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. After a lot of hands-on time with the Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, we are happy to say that we have enjoyed most of our experience with the product.

Out of the box

Packaged in a simple white box, the Proscenic P11 comes with everything you need to start vacuuming right away. You’ll find the main vacuum cleaner, motorized brush head, pet hair brush, long crevice tool, round brush head, wall mounting kit and user manuals. We were also happy to see that our P11’s battery was fully powered right out of the box.

Design and Features

The design of the Proscenic P11 is similar to many of the current cordless vacuum cleaners. The main vacuum cleaner body, motor and dustbin are all one part, connecting the various attachments to this core peripheral. In terms of shell color, our test unit was gray with blue attachments and trim, and it seems to be the only color option available at the moment.

From an operational perspective, one thing that struck us a little inconveniently was the placement of the power switch under the P11’s handle. After turning on the vacuum, my hand naturally wanted to rest under the power button, but the space under the trigger is a little tight.

When using the automatic mode, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power to the type of floor it slides over.

This design decision continued to be a minor annoyance in both upright and hand-held applications. While it’s not a complete drawback, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

In terms of dirt capacity, the P11 has a 650-milliliter trash can with four layers of filter built into the plastic chamber: HEPA, sponge, steel mesh and a cyclone ionosphere trap. When the bin is full, simply hold the P11 over a bin and lift the plastic bin lock (located on the bottom of the bin).

While dirt and grime will fall right out, you may need to stick your hand in the trash can to pluck out some hair and dust bunnies.

As for the controls, the P11 has a sleek touchscreen interface on the top of the vacuum body. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, a battery indicator is visible at the top of the screen, with a fan icon at the bottom. Selecting the fan will take you through the vacuum’s three power settings.

Unlike other cordless vacuums with easy plug-and-play charging, the P11’s charging port is located on the removable battery pack itself. So you need to disconnect the pack from the vacuum body when you need to drink it for your next cleaning session.

Power and Performance

Utilizing a 450 watt brushless motor system and capable of generating up to 25,000 Pa of suction at maximum settings, the Proscenic P11 is certainly designed to tackle any mess. As mentioned, there are also three different power modes to choose from: Eco, Auto and Max. For the final setting, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power to the type of floor surface it encounters.

Even on the lowest power setting, the vacuum cleaner had no trouble sweeping the grain into the bin quickly.

So, when it comes down to it, did the vacuum really deliver? Yes, for the most part.

One key test we performed was vacuuming the entire floor of an entire 1,300-square-foot apartment with three flooring styles: carpet, linoleum, and tile. With the battery at full power, we first gave the P11 a spin using the Eco setting. And frankly, we were surprised to see how much dirt, debris, and hair the vacuum collected from our plush carpeting.

We then decided to boost things a bit by switching to maximum power. Not only does the P11 get a significant increase in work volume with this higher suction power, but we noticed that the battery can also take a beating.

In comparison, we were able to vacuum almost two-thirds of the apartment in Eco mode and still charge it fully. After switching to Max Power, we could barely get through an entire room before the battery dropped to half its power, while another room drained the P11 to a third of its original charge. This finding isn’t too surprising, though, as many cordless vacuums tend to lose steam at high output settings.

When using Auto mode, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power to the type of floor it slides over. With the brush head over our kitchen linoleum, the automatic mode sounds like a medium setting — not as quiet as the Eco mode, but not nearly as loud as the Max setting.

As we moved from linoleum to our carpeting, the P11 pretty much stayed at that mid-level, with a few extra suction as we pushed the vacuum across the carpet. As for the battery, Auto mode seemed the closest thing to low power consumption in terms of efficiency.

Our next big test was dumping grains on the kitchen floor and carpeting to see how the P11 coped with cleanup. Even on the lowest power setting, the vacuum cleaner had no trouble sweeping the grain into the bin quickly. In fact, we found that choosing Max Power was often too much in this scenario, with the P11 firing a few kernels across the room.

We ran the same grain test on our carpet. And again, the P11 performed admirably, even in Eco mode.

Moving from floors to furniture, we also tossed some cereal on the living room couch and went hand-in-hand with the P11, equipping the vacuum with its bushy pet hair attachment. Again, even at the lowest settings, the P11 did a good job of sweeping up the grain in a quick manner.

One thing that we did notice, however, is that when we turned off the vacuum cleaner and lifted the vacuum cleaner off the couch, a few bits of cereal escaped from the bin. After I shook the vacuum, a few more fell out as well. While we were able to vacuum them without a problem, we recommend keeping the P11 upright when using it for handheld applications.

battery life

The Proscenic P11 contains a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts up to an hour. The company claims that the battery can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours with its fast charging technology.

Based on our usage, the run time is a bit long. We suspect that this spec was obtained by running the P11 exclusively in Eco mode, as the automatic and maximum power settings definitely drain the battery faster. Using a combination of all three suction speeds, our run time was even closer to 35 minutes before we needed to recharge the battery.

To deal with battery drain issues, Proscenic encourages its customers to purchase a separate battery, which we could find on Amazon for $50.

Price and warranty

Currently, the Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased through: Amazon and Proscenic outright for $239, a price reduction from its original price of $259. The P11 also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Our opinion

Based on our experience with the Proscenic P11, we are happy to give the product a solid thumbs up. While the removable battery pack and discomfort in the handgrip may be design cues to get used to, we found the vacuum to perform admirably.

Power settings were easy to switch between, attachments were a breeze to connect and disconnect, and bonus features like the head-mounted LED lights on the main brush attachment were excellent additions.

How long will it stay that way?

Based on the one-year warranty and the fact that you can buy additional battery packs, we bet the Proscenic P11 will last you about three to five years when used as intended. Keep in mind that while the P11 can be handheld, you don’t want to use it to suck up liquids.

Is there a better alternative?

If you prefer a corded upright vacuum with similar power and features to the P11, the Shark Apex Uplight is a good choice. While slightly more expensive, the Dyson V11 Animal is a great wireless option, complete with three power modes and top-notch filtration.

For those looking for a smaller cordless vacuum cleaner, the Eufy HomeVac H30 is a great choice for smaller clutter.

Should you buy it?

Yes indeed. The Proscenic P11 is well worth the investment, especially when it comes to its overall suction power, design and the included attachments.

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