Play-to-Earn Game Mavia Joins Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service

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Mavia, a and Binance-supported play-to-earn and massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game developed by Skrice Studios, has announced that it has officially joined Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service.

The move aims to help Mavia game build a sustainable, healthy in-game economy for the benefit of its participants.

The move is also part of the current rather vigorous development process that Mavia is going through. It is currently undergoing large-scale summations in various scenarios and is being tested for deflation and inflation cases. Once verified to meet the criteria of the leading game economy platform, Machinations, it will receive the “Verified by Machinations” seal.

After the testing phase and receiving the seal, Machinations will continue to actively monitor Mavia’s game economy based on the live telemetry and Web3 market data to help developers find and fix potential threats that may arise.

Following the news, Machinations co-founder and CEO Mihai Gheza was quoted as saying:

“Ever since the team started using Mavia Machinations, we have been impressed with their dedication to delivering a perfectly balanced game economy to their fantastic community. As of today, we are excited to have them go through our Game Economy Health Monitoring process and support them in building and maintaining a healthy game economy for Heroes of Mavia.”

Achieving a sustainable game economy

The complexity of play-to-earn games increases exponentially as game developers deal with new models of Web3 and crypto, such as AMMs, DAOs, liquidity pools and extremely volatile market conditions. That’s where Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service comes in to provide developers with the necessary tools and insights to build and maintain a healthy and sustainable game economy to avoid economic pitfalls.

According to the general manager of Skrice Studios, Tristan Chaudhry;

“At Mavia, we are committed to creating the best experience for our players. Our standards require the best graphics and the game economy must be sustainable in the long run. We’re pushing the boundaries of what it means to create an AAA-quality blockchain game. We are working with Machinations to validate Mavia’s economic health and obtain the Verified by Machinations seal.”

Mavia aims to become one of the largest P2E blockchain games focused on esports and maintaining a sustainable in-game economy is critical to its long-term success.

A healthy sustainable economy provides players with ample opportunities for economic growth while playing the game.

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