Pixel 6 reportedly has weaker haptic vibrations after the latest update

Google Pixel 6 Pro lockscreen

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


Some Pixel 6 owners are reporting much weaker haptic vibrations after downloading the March 2022 update. The problem is so bad that some users are missing phone notifications. There is no word on when Google could fix this problem.

If you own a Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro phone, you may want to wait for the March 2022 update. For those who have already installed it, you may have noticed a dramatic reduction in vibration when a new notification comes in⁠—you’re not alone.

As reported by droid lifepost some Pixel 6 owners on Google’s support forums and on reddit who are claiming significant haptic vibration issues on their devices after the update. Some people have even stated that they have missed some phone notifications due to this issue. One support post stated, “The vibration settings are maxed out and the notifications now feel awful. The vibration is barely there.”

Oddly enough, some users actually find the weaker vibrations a good thing. One commenter stated, “I absolutely prefer these vibrations. As others have said, they feel smoother/refined and less abrasive/crus.”

So was this a deliberate attempt by Google’s Pixel team to make the vibrations weaker but smoother? So far there is no word on whether this was indeed the intention. Hopefully we get some clarification from the company about this and if another patch is needed.


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