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A group of theoretical physicists argue that there could be an “anti-universe” where time is running backwards. The theory uses the three fundamental symmetries in nature: charge, parity, and time, the latter being important because interactions going back in time look just like the original. CPT symmetry suggests the existence of a mirror universe that would be exactly like ours, but the opposite, such as filled with oppositely charged and mirrored particles going back in time. Read more for a video and additional information.

This theory could also uncover the mystery behind dark matter, which is said to make up 95% of our known universe, but it is still undiscovered. In this mirror universe, dark matter would be composed primarily of a new kind of neutrino, the extremely high-energy, low-density subatomic particles that carry neither a positive nor a negative charge. These new particles would always appear as left-handed, while all other particles in the universe consist of both left- and right-handed variants.


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