PeaSwap Finance Launches a PEA Staking Pool With an APY Over 1,000,000%


PeaSwap Finance, the leading provider of AMM and high-yield farms in the crypto industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest feature.

The PeaSwap betting pool has the highest fixed APY of 1,352.413% to help users grow their portfolios quickly.

DATE – LOCATION – Staking is an integral part of cryptocurrency and an excellent way for users to grow their portfolios. The process is accessible to everyone, although there is still a bit of a learning curve involved.

PeaSwap Finance aims to make staking more accessible and take the guesswork out of the equation.

The PeaSwap betting pool allows users to use a fixed APY. Knowing how much someone can earn provides greater transparency and increases the appeal of the offering to investors, traders and users of varying risk appetites.

A guaranteed APY of 1,352.413% is impressive and much higher than the industry average for flat rates.

More importantly, the PeaSwap staking pool offers users multiple benefits:

Peace of mind thanks to transparent and guaranteed income A mature and secure mechanism becomes accessible without technical knowledge. A high APY that bets $1,000 for a year in over $10,000,000

Stakeout $PEA through the PeaSwap stake pool allows users to achieve a high APY and help secure the network. In addition, it reduces the liquid supply of the token, giving all $PEA holders more value.

Users can acquire $PEA through PancakeSwap, where it trades in a BNB link.

About PeaSwap Finance

PeaSwap Finance is transforming DeFi with unique high-yield farms and pools, including Automatic Liquidity, Automatic Burning, Anti Whale and more. The protocol offers the highest fixed APY in the industry to quickly grow your portfolio in your wallet.

PeaSwap allows you to reap the most benefits with peace of mind and stability through a mature and secure mechanism.

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