PCMag Says Bell Offers the Fastest Cellular Network in Canada

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PCMag ranks Bell first in its fast mobile networks in Canada tests.

The telecom giant notes a maximum download speed of 1373Mbps and upload speeds of 142Mbps. Bell’s overall speed score is 90, while Rogers and Telus each have a final score of 91.

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The publication notes that the introduction of 5G+ over the 3,500MHz network has significantly improved speed. Canada’s three largest carriers launched the network in June.

The publication notes that the spectrum helped Rogers increase his average download speeds the most, compared to Bell and Telus. Before launch, the company lagged behind its two competitors.

Image Credit: PCMag

But Rogers was no match for Bell and his “spectacular work,” the report states. Bell has the fastest cellular network in 22 of its 31 areas, including Toronto and Calgary, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Rogers and Telus

Despite similar speed scores, the report notes that Rogers is in “second place.” The 5G+ network is a major player in BC and Montreal.

On the other hand, Telus can access the 3,500MHz network but cannot access firmware for Android devices.

Source: PCMag

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