Paste issue fixed and battery indicator refined in new iOS 16.1 beta

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Apple’s iOS 16.1 developer beta released Tuesday fixes a bug related to paste permissions and makes revisions to how the battery indicator works.

Apple released the second developer beta for iOS 16.1 on Tuesday, and an early exploration of the release reveals a few interesting additions to the iPhone operating system.

The first is a bug that has plagued iOS 16 users with prompts when they go to copy and paste data from one app to another. The repeated prompts have annoyed users, and Apple confirmed on Monday that it would investigate the matter.

In the beta version of iOS 16.1, it seems that Apple has fixed the bug that caused the problem.

Another is a change in the battery indicator. In iOS 16, Apple added an option to show a percentage in the battery indicator instead of a visual empty battery icon, on most currently used iPhones. The new beta seems to combine the two concepts.

Seen in beta, the indicator now takes the form of the battery percentage, complete with the battery in the background. However, the white color of the battery is now depleted to give a visual representation of the battery level, while the rest of the indicator turns gray.

More details about the changes Apple has made to the beta are still being sought and will most likely surface in the coming days.

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