Netflix’s next three mobile games couldn’t be more different

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Following on from last month’s League of Legends spin-off Hextech Mayhem, Netflix Games has announced three new mobile game releases for March, with each title looking different from the last.

Available today on Android and iOS devices to all Netflix subscribers, the three titles range from educational and thought-provoking to intense and action-packed.

First up is This Is A True Story, developed by Frosty Pop in collaboration with the nonprofit Charity: Water. The narrative puzzle game hopes to shed light on the 771 million people on Earth who lack access to clean drinking water. This Is A True Story, with beautiful hand-painted landscapes, follows “the daily struggle of a woman from Sub-Saharan Africa to get water for her family.”

This is a true story developed by Frosty Pop (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s next game is actually a remaster that some of you might remember from the PS3 era – Shatter Remastered brings back the retro-style brick-breaking action of the 2009 original, along with its “amazing physics, power ups, boss fights and special attacks.” The new mobile version, developed by PikPok, offers online global leaderboards and will feature all the excellent music of the original Shatter from the New Zealand musician Module.

Shatter Remastered, developed by PikPok (Image credit: Netflix)

And finally, Netflix Games and developer PikPok are once again going in a completely different direction with this latest title of March: the zombie shooter Into The Dead 2: Unleashed. Described as a runner/shooter hybrid, Into The Dead 2: Unleashed will have players fend off hordes of zombies across numerous chapters and stages, as well as hundreds of challenges.

Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, developed by PikPok (Image credit: Netflix)

This Is A True Story and Statter Remastered are both available to download now via the Netflix app, while Into The Dead 2: Unleashed is set to release in late March.

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