Netflix Represents QuadrigaCX Exchange Saga in Documentary

Netflix’s new crypto documentary, “No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,” has sparked many interests and talking points, especially among those familiar with the entire saga.

The documentary is based on the strange death of Gerald Cotten, the founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. It centered and echoed the theory that he faked his death to steal millions of clients’ cryptocurrencies.

Users of the defunct Exchange share their thoughts

After the documentary was released on Wednesday, many people familiar with the QudrigaCX situation started airing their opinions.

One of the users of the crypto exchange at the time declared that at the time he smelled something strange about the whole situation and decided to withdraw his money from the stock exchange. After watching the documentary, he said it was a good thing he withdrew his money from the crypto exchange when he did.

“One day I felt something strange about the way the transactions were handled,” said the user.

With his experience setting up Bloomberg systems for AIMCO, he knows how these exchanges should work. At that point, he immediately decided to take his coins off the platform.

The documentary was presented in a self-contained manner. That means no one needs to have the technical knowledge or any idea about how cryptocurrency works before understanding it. But some members of the crypto community also found the documentary very satisfying.

The story was captivating and satisfying

Coin Card founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Olthoff stated that he had a small role in the documentary, while many of his friends joined in as well. He added that while it was quite strange to see many of his friends in the documentary, the cameo role he played was quite captivating and satisfying.

In the end, the documentary did exactly what it was intended to do, which was to educate people about the conspiracy theory that the founder faked his death to get away with millions of customers’ cryptocurrency.

Your capital is at risk.

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