Nelson Mandela NFT auctioned in Africa

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The digital version of the document is being sold to the highest bidder by an African NFT marketplace Momint.

Based on a report from a local news outlet, the 61-year-old document of Nelson Mandela’s arrest, which was held in a now-defunct Liliesleaf Farm museum, will be sold as an NFT to raise money for the re-establishment of the museum.

Liliesleaf is known as a hiding place where the police found incriminating documents about Mandela, leading to his prosecution. Nicholas Wolpe, the current CEO of the defunct museum, claimed he obtained the document of Mandela’s arrest in 2007.

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According to Momint’s spokesperson Kabelo Kgobisa, one of the reasons for digitizing the original document was that the document will eventually deteriorate, but will remain completely intact in the digital world.

He says it will be one of the first “Heritage NFTs made in South Africa”, and will hopefully spark the interest of collectors following the success of a previous NFT auction featuring a digital version of Oliver Tambo’s Pen Gun.

Nelson Mandela’s arrest warrant will be listed on Saturday, March 26, in Granger Bay, at the Grand Africa CafĂ© and Beach. Bids for the digital version of the document have already been opened on the Momint NFT marketplace, starting at R900,000 (about $60K).

While not many artifacts and documents have been sold as NFTs, several auction houses have managed to list expensive items that sold for hefty amounts of crypto. In February, the world’s largest diamond, the Enigma, was sold for $4.3 million in cryptocurrencies to PulseX CEO Richard Heart.

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