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The NBA to Launch 18000 Ethereum Based Playoff NFTs Today social

The National Basketball Association has officially released its highly anticipated Ethereum-based NFT collection labeled ‘The Association’. The presale starts today via the official Association NFT website.

The collection will consist of 18,000 unique NFTs, each representing an NBA player during this year’s playoff series. There are 75 NFTs for each player from all 16 participating teams.

The NFTs will be dynamic and have transformative properties that change according to players’ performance throughout the playoffs. The player’s image will also change depending on the number of dunks, blocks, rebounds, assists and shots they make in a game. Likewise, the backgrounds of the NFTs will change depending on the performance of their respective teams.

The Association NFTs can be coined for free, but collectors will have to pay Ethereum gas fees and will be limited to minting a maximum of one NFT per wallet. Some NFTs are reserved especially for holders of NBA Top Shot NFTs, the NBA platform that allows users to buy, sell and collect NFTs that depict the most influential moments of the competition, minted on the FLOW blockchain.

The NFTs will be revealed on Friday after the pre-sale minting ends, and will be available on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

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