Musk’s Starlink raises prices

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It feels like the price of most things has gone up lately – that’s the problem with inflation. While many Americans who have previously experienced capitalism’s roller coaster have some familiarity with cost instability around staples like food and gas, inflation, SpaceX claims, is also behind some upcoming changes to its satellite Internet service provider, Starlink.

“Due to excessive inflation, the price of the Starlink kit will increase from $499 to $549 for depositors and $599 for all new orders, effective today,” said an email sent to Engadget. “In addition, Starlink’s monthly service price will be increased from $99 to $110. The new price will apply to your subscription on 4/22/2022.”

The email reminds customers that they can cancel within their first year and receive “a partial refund of $200,” or a full refund if their equipment was received within the past 30 days. Several other customers have posted identical emails to Twitter, although the company has not yet responded to our request for confirmation and more details. We’ll update if we hear anything.

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