Multiple Samsung devices get ARCore support

ARCore AH NS 04

Google’s ARCore enables augmented reality (AR) features on Android devices. Phones usually get on the ARCore compatibility list shortly after their release. A total of seven Samsung devices have now gained ARCore support, adding to the growing list of devices.

Factors such as the smartphone’s camera, processor, etc. are taken into account before Google certifies a device for ARCore. The newly supported devices are the Galaxy A23, Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy F23 5G, Galaxy M23 5G, Galaxy M33 5G, and the Galaxy Tab A8.

Google has a dedicated web page listing all ARCore supported devices (via Android Police). This is usually an excellent resource for discovering devices that have made it to the ARCore support list. Samsung is usually quite active in adding its devices to the list, and the trend continues with the seven mid-range offerings, including a tablet.

So what does this mean for the owners of the device?

If you own any of the smartphones (or any tablet) listed above, you can now access a range of AR apps available on the Play Store. One of the notable features that ARCore brings to the table is Live View with Google Maps, which allows users to immerse themselves in their environment, albeit virtually.

Google made ARCore official in 2018, although its existence was known much earlier. Since then, the platform has seen some notable upgrades and inclusions. Last year, Google unveiled many new features coming to ARCore at I/O 2021. Chief among these additions is the Raw Depth API along with the Recording and Playback API.

The company also revealed at I/O 2021 that nearly 850 million devices are ARCore certified. In addition, nearly a third of the three billion active Android devices since last year’s event were using ARCore. Since it’s been almost a year since the last I/O, these numbers could be significantly higher now.

Google will likely provide an update on ARCore’s status during I/O 2022, which begins in less than a month. We also expect some new features to be showcased during the event. There’s also speculation about some new Google hardware making its debut at I/O 2022, so it promises to be a pretty exciting event.

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