More workspace layers will use the Google Calendar booking page

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If you’re a business professional, you need a way to keep your appointments organized. The booking page in Google Calendar is a great help. According to a blog post from Google, this functionality is now coming to more levels of Google Workspace.

If you often meet with other people, you’ll want to let everyone know when you’re available. For example, doctors can really take advantage of the booking page on Google Calendar. It’s great because it also makes your availability visible to people who aren’t part of your Workspace community.

The booking page in Google Calendar will be available for more Workspace levels

Last year, Google implemented the Booking Page feature in the individual Workspace tier. While it may seem odd that a cheaper tier would have a feature the more expensive tier doesn’t, there’s a good reason. The Booking page is more for external use. This is when a third party wants to make an appointment with you. Suppose you are a doctor with your own practice and you want people to make an appointment with you.

More expensive plans, however, involve group and corporate efforts. You’re less likely to need to set up a separate booking page for those already in your circle.

Anyway, Google is adding the booking page to more Workspace levels. With the announcement, Google outlined the tiers that will get this feature and which ones won’t.

You will get the booking page if you have the Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus subscriptions. You also get it if you have the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and if you are a non-profit customer.

That’s a lot of plans, but there are some that don’t get the feature. Fortunately, this list is a lot shorter than the previous one. This includes the Essentials, Business Starter, Frontline subscriptions. Those using outdated G Suite Basic and Business are also left out.

Google has scheduled this for quick release starting today, so if you have a qualifying account you’ll see it within the next 15 days.

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