More than 3.7 million Ukrainian refugees have fled the country. Here’s how you can help

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Refugees from Ukraine represent the largest displacement of Europeans since World War II.

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This story is part of War in UkraineCNET’s coverage of events there and its wider effects on the world.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes because of: Russian war in Ukraine† On Thursday, more than 3.7 million Ukrainians left the country in search of safety in neighboring countries, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR reported.

More than 2 million Ukrainian refugees have entered Poland, while the rest have largely gone to Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, has warned that the war could create as many as 5 million refugees.

CNET has compiled a list of organizations providing assistance during this crisis.

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Note: We created this list based on evaluations on Charity Navigator, which rates charities based on their financial health, accountability, and transparency. Charity Navigator has awarded a “Give with Confidence” designation to the organizations listed below. Before you donate, you want to make sure that a particular charity aligns with your values ​​and that the donation is being used in a way you want. For more information, see our guide to how to vet a charity?


Americares provides medicines, medical supplies, emergency funding and medical professionals to help families in Ukraine.

(Ranked 97.87/100 on Charity Navigator.)

Giving Globally

Global Giving provides water, food and shelter to refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

(Ranked 96.66/100 on Charity Navigator.)

Hope for Ukraine

Hope for Ukraine accepts donations to help citizens of Ukraine with basic necessities.

(Ranked 90/100 on Charity Navigator.)

Project Hope

Project Hope sends medicines, supplies and aid to families in Ukraine.

(Ranked 82.09/100 on Charity Navigator.)

save the kids

Save the Children provides humanitarian aid. Donations go towards items such as food, blankets and face masks.

(Ranked 91.82/100 on Charity Navigator.)


UNICEF USA is on the scene to help children in Ukraine. Donations go to water, food, health care, education and protection.

(Ranked 89.18/100 on Charity Navigator.)

World Aid

World Help provides food, water and other necessities to families in Ukraine.

(Ranked 82.6/100 on Charity Navigator.)

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