Monument Valley puzzles reach PC gamers on July 12

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Monument Valley, the picturesque series of puzzle games that requires players to navigate through maps filled with optical illusions, will no longer be exclusive to mobile devices. The full Monument Valley Panoramic Collection is coming to Steam on July 12, giving players a broader point of view that isn’t limited by the vertical orientation of phones and tablets.

Ustwo, the developer behind Monument Valley, says it had to make some adjustments to account for a broader perspective, as well as for the transition from touch to mouse control. Kirsty Keatch, a programmer at Ustwo, said in a behind-the-scenes interview that while they designed the mobile version’s touch controls for “big fingers that could shut down the rotators and draggers,” the PC port changes things up a bit. Keatch explained that Ustwo wanted to make it clear to PC players that their actions could “reveal varying levels of interactivity” in the Monument Valley world, and they did this by making “the draggers and the rotators glow” when users hover over them with a mouse.

The trailer for Monument Valley Panoramic Collection shows how open the expanded worlds look, which almost certainly warrants another playthrough to experience the more immersive view. Even if you don’t want to play the two games again, you may not have long to wait for a new adventure, as a third Monument Valley is in the works.

We first heard about Monument Valley 3 in 2019 when Ustwo posted a job posting for the project. Since then, there haven’t been too many rumors about the third game, but John Lau, the senior producer at Ustwo, hinted at a new episode on the Pocket Ribbon Podcast in April. Lau noted that Ustwo is “busy for the next installment of Monument Valley” and that they are currently in the “draft stage”.

Both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 come with the same DLC packs available on the mobile versions, including Forgotten Shores and Ida’s Dream for the first episode and The Lost Forest for Monument Valley 2. The games are available separately for $7, 99 each on Steam, or you can get 15 percent off buying them in a bundle.

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