Modular Laptop Maker provides motherboard documentation for non-laptop projects

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If you’ve been following the latest developments in computing for a while, you already know that there’s a big problem with laptops: when they’re no longer usable as a daily driver, it can be a struggle to get a good use for everyone. to find. its parts. Everything is proprietary and serious amounts of reverse engineering are required if you decide to move forward. This is where Framework, a laptop company that builds modular laptops, comes in. They made it clear that when you upgrade your Framework laptop with a new motherboard, they want you to be able to continue using the old motherboard outside of the laptop.

When it’s done powering your laptop, use it for a cyberdeck?

To that end, Framework has provided 2D mechanical drawings of their motherboard and 3D printable housings which can of course be modified as needed. “But what about peripherals?” you may wonder. Framework has provided pinouts for all connectors on the board, along with information about which connectors to use to communicate with them. No reverse engineering required!

While it is possible to buy and use a motherboard now, their goal is to help people make use of used motherboards left over after upgrades. With just a memory stick and a USB-C power adapter, the board comes alive and even has i2c and USB immediately available.

What would you do with a powerful Intel i5-1135G7 motherboard? Framework wants to know, and for that they are actually giving away 100 motherboards to makers and developers. Please note that this is a program created and managed by Framework – and is in no way associated with Hackaday or our overlords at Supplyframe.

If you have read so far and still don’t know what the Framework laptop is, check out this introduction by ourselves [Jenny List]†

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