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mbari remote operated vehicle rov strawberry squid

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) researchers spotted a rare deep-sea creature, the strawberry squid, on a recent dive. Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Doc Ricketts spotted this elusive creature 2,378 feet deep in Monterey Canyon and captured stunning 4K footage. Why does it have mismatched eyes? One big eye and the other small eye work together to help the squid search for food in the ocean’s twilight zone. Read More

Its large left eye looks up to search for shadows cast by prey into the dimly lit water above, while its tubular shape allows it to gather as much light as possible. Usually this eye has a yellow lens to see through the luminous camouflage of its prey. The right eye is smaller and looks down to look for flashes of bioluminescence produced by prey or predators hiding in the dark waters below.


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Food is scarce in the deep sea, so animals must develop unique strategies to find food. They also need to find ways to avoid becoming food. Like many deep-sea creatures, the strawberry squid is bright red. Red light does not reach the deep sea. There, a crimson color actually appears black and helps the squid hide from the eyes of predators such as sperm whales, dolphins, tuna, swordfish and sharks,” MBARI said.

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