Lumon Industries from Severance has its own LinkedIn page


Apple TV+’s science fiction thriller Severance tells the interesting story of Lumon Industries, where the company’s employees separate their work and private lives. Now the marketing team at Severance Lumon Industries has given it its own LinkedIn page.

The LinkedIn page is pretty creepy with terms like “Give employees the best work environment they’ll never know with our patented and extremely secure layoff process.” It exudes “There’s no war in Ba Sing Se” vibes from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The page also showcases the founder’s nine core principles and introduces Innies working with the Severed floor.

The LinkedIn page also has a series of videos called “Tour Lumon with Dylan G” that give a look at the separated floor.

The Apple TV+ show starring Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Zach Cherry and Christopher Walken.

“What is layoff? Imagine being able to come to work completely uninhibited by your home problems. Or imagine being able to go home and never think about work. Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, we are able to ‘smash’ your brain so that you essentially have a part of yourself that works and a part of you that plays,” reads the LinkedIn page.

Source: LinkedIn

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