Keep your deliveries safe with $200 off Eufy’s SmartDrop Package Drop Box

eufy smartdrop

Today many of us do our shopping online, but chances are you are not always at home to receive the packages. I personally know that I’ve had a few situations where I knew there was something expensive on my porch and I was so nervous that it would be stolen. Well, those fears can be allayed with Eufy’s SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box, that is now on sale for only $200, 50% discount. You must clip the coupon on the page to save the extra $100.

Add some peace of mind to your porch with Eufy’s SmartDrop smart delivery box, so people can’t steal your deliveries before you get home. Right now you can save 50% on the purchase.

The way this works is simple. You set it up where you receive your deliveries, such as on your porch, and then couriers can deliver packages in the SmartDrop. It works with all delivery companies and as the delivery person approaches SmartDrop will guide them to make sure the delivery is made in the device. You get a real-time notification on your phone with every delivery, so you can see it live or go back and watch the footage afterwards.

Whether you work from an office and don’t want daily deliveries sitting on your porch or you travel a lot and are away for days at a time, this is a great option to have. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for the SmartDrop so far, so be sure to grab one and save 50% today.

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