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Jeff Koons Will Launch a Hybrid NFT Project Sculptures in the Surface of the Moon social

World-renowned artist Jeff Koons launches an NFT collection titled ‘Moon Phases’. The mission is to send a group of sculptures to the moon on an ‘Intuitive Machines’ lunar lander.

The ambitious project of the American artist was designed in collaboration with Patrick Colangelo of NFMoon and Chantelle Baier of 4Space. The collection will be featured at Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s hub for Web 3.0 innovations.

Entitled ‘Jeff Koons: Moon Phases’, the collection represents Koon’s entrance into the metaverse and will explore the imagination and technological innovations of the human race, drawing inspiration from the moon, symbolizing curiosity and determination.

“I wanted to create a historically meaningful NFT project rooted in humanistic and philosophical thinking. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity. Space explorations have given us a perspective of our ability to transcend worldly limitations. These ideas are at the heart of my NFT project, which can be understood as a continuation and celebration of humanity’s ambitious achievements within and beyond our own planet.”

Koons stated.

Each unique digital artwork corresponds to a physical sculpture that will later be sent to the moon from the Kennedy Space Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The sculptures will be the first authorized artwork to be placed on the moon – specifically on the north-south axis – where they will remain forever.

The sculptures will be released at the end of this year; the proceeds of the first sales go to the organization ‘Doctors without Borders’.

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