Japanese software company Line Corporation to launch NFT marketplace next month

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Japanese software company Line Corporation has announced that it will launch its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace next month, April 13.

Last year, in March, Line Corporation had completed a merger with Z Holdings, Yahoo Japan and Softbank Group with the intention of integrating the digital world in all aspects. Following the merger, the companies began to lean towards the NFT industry, with Z Holding revealing last week that it will launch a global NFT marketplace to operate in 180 countries.

Line Corporation also followed suit 13 days later by announcing that it will launch its NFT marketplace called LINE NFT. Yesterday, LINE NFT marketplace said it will showcase more than 100 different NFT types after launch next month.

In addition, users of the LINE app will be able to access the marketplace through the app after launch. The launch will feature major Japanese entertainment conglomerates such as Yoshimoto Kogyo, Japanese singer Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) and Square Enix. In addition, Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Limited Edition NFT video ”Yoshimoto NFT Theater” will also be screened during the launch.

While LINE NFT will only operate in Japan, the Z Holdings NFT marketplace (DOSI) will launch globally on April 19.

Japanese companies embracing the NFT industry

The recent announcement by LINE comes two years after the company launched a LINE Blockchain Lab.

Japanese companies have entered the NFT industry, such as Konami Holdings Corporation and Japanese entertainment company Square Enix.

Japan’s online retailer, Rakuten, also said it plans to launch an NFT Marketplace, with plans to introduce peer-to-peer NFT services by 2023.

LINE BITMAX Wallet for storing NFTs

NFT sales are gaining momentum day by day as more companies continue to join the NFT industry and others launch their Marketplaces.

Users of the LINE app will leverage the NFT marketplace and store their NFTs in the company’s LINE BITMAX wallet.

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