Irish unicorn LetsGetChecked takes over US genomics business

Irish unicorn LetsGetChecked takes over US genomics business

LetsGetChecked will expand its home testing services to include genome sequencing.

Irish health technology company LetsGetChecked has announced the acquisition of Veritas Genetics and Veritas Intercontinental.

Veritas brands share a platform for interpreting genetic information from a single gene to the entire genome, providing users with a comprehensive genetic profile and clinical report.

This acquisition adds full genome sequencing to LetsGetChecked’s suite of home medical tests.

Veritas’ services also include tests such as cancer screening, carrier screening, maternal-fetal testing, and pharmacogenomics (understanding how genetics can determine a patient’s response to medication).

“Through these acquisitions, LetsGetChecked will leverage the power of whole genome sequencing to launch a full lifecycle of personalized healthcare, delivering the most comprehensive health testing and care solution on the market,” said Peter Foley, founder and CEO of LetsGetChecked.

“By integrating the capabilities of Veritas Genetics and Veritas Intercontinental with LetsGetChecked’s scalable diagnostic and virtual healthcare infrastructure, we are able to turn comprehensive genetic insights into practical recommendations and lifestyle changes, guided by clinical experts.”

Mirza Cifric, CEO of Veritas Genetics, said the introduction of genetic sequencing into LetsGetChecked’s services “will bring to the market a very powerful and differentiated offering”.

‘These acquisitions are changing the future of personalized healthcare as we know it’

Veritas Genetics was founded in 2014 by genomics researcher Dr. George Church. It was intended to make whole genome sequencing more affordable. Four years later, Veritas Intercontinental was established as a spin-off brand for the company outside the US.

“I expect these acquisitions to change the future of personalized healthcare as we know it,” Church said.

Veritas Intercontinental CEO and co-founder Javier de Echevarría said the acquisition of LetsGetChecked will lead to a combined “complete portfolio of genetic and health care services ranging from prenatal screening to predictive medicine”.

Headquartered in Dublin and New York, LetsGetChecked was founded in 2015 to provide at-home diagnostic testing. Today, the end-to-end business model includes manufacturing, logistics, lab analysis, as well as physician support and regulatory compliance.

During the pandemic, LetsGetChecked quickly switched to providing Covid-19 test kits. To date, the start-up has conducted nearly 3 million tests with customers in most EU countries, as well as the US and UK.

Last year, it achieved unicorn status after a $150 million round of funding.

A new citizens’ jury is formed in Ireland to examine the benefits and challenges of genomics research. After selection, 25 jury members will meet several times in June for meetings.

“The role of genetics now permeates the whole health care system, but we haven’t really tracked that, so we don’t really have a good integrated Irish approach to both the benefits of genomics and the potential concerns and risks that could arise,” said Prof. Orla Hardiman recently to

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