Inventor builds huge pocket knife that actually works, arguably the world’s largest

worlds largest folding knife the q

An inventor using “The Q” online reveals his latest project, a huge pocket knife that actually works and could even be the world’s largest. At over 47 inches (120 centimeters) long, it works just like its much more compact counterpart, minus the extra tools and gadgets you’d find in a Swiss Army knife. want to make your own? The Q goes through the entire process to show how the knife was created.

Since there are no bells or whistles other than its size, did you know that the Modell 1890 is the very first Swiss Army Knife? It was released in 1891 and the knife had a blade, a reamer, a can opener, a screwdriver and handles made of dark oak. Despite being one of the first multi-purpose pocket knives, the manufacturer nearly went bankrupt until a new knife was patented on June 12, 1897. This new design is more like the Swiss Army knife you see today, with tools attached to both sides of the handle using a special spring mechanism. Think of the Menzi Muck Generation X as the Swiss Army Knife of spider excavators.


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