Intel wants to help make Windows play-friendly with both Android and iOS

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Intel is working on an app that will allow Android and iOS users to connect their phones to Windows PCs. The app allows your PC to do everything from making calls to receiving notifications. Intel expects the app to launch this holiday season on 12th-generation Evo systems from Acer, HP and Lenovo PCs, and will expand to 13th-generation mobile processors and Evo designs by 2023.

Have you ever wished your computer and phone could work together seamlessly? There are some solutions like Microsoft’s Phone Link, but they are severely limited. Intel is currently working on a more comprehensive solution that works whether you have an Android or iOS phone.

After purchasing the company behind Screenovate and Dell Mobile Connect, Intel reworked and optimized the software to create what the company calls Intel Unison. According to Windows Central, Intel Unison connects to your handset and allows you to do just about everything on your computer that you can do on your phone. This means you can call, text, transfer files, get notifications and more from your PC.

While Microsoft’s solution can do this to some extent, it won’t work on iPhones. Windows Central also claims that Phone Link is not as fast and reliable as Intel Unison.

In an interview with Josh Newman, vice president and general manager of mobile innovation at Intel, Newman told Windows Central that the ecosystem for connecting phones to Windows PCs is extremely fragmented and most third-party software has incomplete or very limited solutions. offers. Unison, on the other hand, will “increase the quality of the experience” and maximize battery life and reliability.

The problem with Unison’s predecessor (Dell Mobile Connect) was that it was exclusive to XPS systems that Dell had tested. While this won’t be the case right away, Unison will be available on more devices. Intel says it will launch the app this holiday season on select Intel 12th Gen Evo systems from Acer, HP and Lenovo. But it will expand to more devices with Intel’s 13th-generation mobile processors and Evo designs in 2023.

In an effort to become the standard solution for phone-to-PC connections, Intel claims it is open to working with anyone who wants to move the project forward. This means that Intel is even open to partnering with AMD and Qualcomm.

Being the walled garden it is, it’s doubtful Apple would accept Intel’s invitation to such a project. However, Newman told Windows Central that there is no need to work directly with Apple. Because the app uses standard APIs, the Intel Unison app can still work with iOS.

It’s unfortunate that Intel Unison will initially be limited to so few devices, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Intel to bring the app to more computers.


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